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Hello, world.

I used to blog all the time. Like, ALL the time, in my rosy “youth”. Yes, that is in quotes (in my head, air quotes, but you can’t really signify air quotes in text, right?) – because I’m still considered young, I guess. Anywho…I used to blog ALL the time. Then I stopped. I’m sad I did. Recently my old blog, which was located on xanga, was wiped off the face of the earth when they went through a massive platform change. It made me pretty sad to lose all that history. They at least sent me an archive so that some day, I can upload those archives to a wordpress site such as this one. I haven’t decided what to do with it yet.

Anyways, I’m starting fresh! So here I am, again, attempting this blogging thing. Obviously, I have nothing interesting to say right now. Hopefully, I’ll figure out something for future posts.